Who we are

psds is a registered charity whose principal goal is to provide support for children with Down syndrome and their families. We meet regularly as families to share our experiences and provide a network of support, friendship, advice and expertise. This benefits not only our children with Down syndrome, but also their siblings, ourselves as parents and all family members. We also provide a range of professional services, such as early development groups and speech and language therapy, and have an extensive library of resources for our members and their families to make use of.

Our aim is for our children with Down syndrome to have access to the opportunities available to all others and for there to be no ceiling on what any of our children might achieve. Down syndrome is just a part of who our children are, not what they are.



To provide a stimulating and caring environment in which our children can have fun and develop self confidence

To provide a network of support for parents, siblings and children with Down syndrome at each step on their challenging but rewarding journey

To ensure that our children receive maximum input in all key areas of development

To assist and support families coming to terms with the news that their child has Down syndrome

To aid professionals in understanding the more practical issues which need to be addressed when assisting a family which has a child with Down syndrome


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psds is a registered charity
Charity number: 1123079

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