Brutal but brilliant!

Completing any 10k challenge might seem a daunting prospect for many of us, but signing up for one that proudly calls itself a Brutal 10k might put off more than most.....

It didn’t put off Oscar’s mum, Sarah, though. Inspired by her gorgeous son and spurred on by her family and friends, Sarah took part in a Brutal 10k challenge on a wet and windy Saturday in March in aid of PSDS.

Not only did Sarah completely rise to the challenge and complete the course, she raised an incredible and brilliant sum of £2,258 along the way (and the donations are still rolling in!).

Talking of her decision to undertake such a challenge, Sarah said:

“Chris & I both agree that PSDS has been the most amazing support to us both, since having our baby Oscar last July. In the beginning, faced with so many uncertainties, PSDS was there to show us just how incredible our children can be and that there really was nothing to worry about. The services and support they have provided has been incredible and for that I am so grateful.

When I'd made up my mind that I wanted to give something back to PSDS, a friend suggested the BRUTAL 10k. Anyone who knows me knows that running through the woods, up and down hills in the wind and rain, would take me out of my comfort zone and I was bound to get lots of sponsors!!! If nothing else, people could point and laugh!!!! I can honestly say it was one of the most horrific yet exhilarating things I have ever done.

Wading through FREEZING cold water first thing on a Saturday morning wasn’t something I thought I'd ever find myself doing. But I did... and I loved it. I fall in love with my baby boy more and more every day and every second of that run was worth it, if it helps our beautiful children continue to thrive.”


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