Book Your Santa Letter & Zoom

Shhh, don't tell anyone, but PSDS member Hannah has been whisked away to the North Pole on a special mission, acting as Santa's personal assistant.

You'll be delighted to hear that Santa's Workshop has great wifi and Father Christmas is a whizz at Zoom. With Hannah's help (and for a small donation to PSDS), Father Christmas will send a personalised letter to his young fans and you can also book in for a family Zoom chat with him too.

Hannah has shared details of how to book in for these special experiences:

1. We can ask Father Christmas to do a personalised letter to your child (and apparently he might even be able to do these in Makaton if required).

2. We can send a letter to your child and also arrange a Zoom call for your child with Father Christmas for a quick chat.

If you are interested in taking part, we are suggesting a donation of £5 for the letter per child and £10 for the letter plus Zoom call per child. This is available for all children who are part of a PSDS member family. If you need three letters but only one Zoom call that would be £20 (3 x £5 letters, plus £5 for the Zoom call).

Santa will need a few details, which can be sent to who will pass this info on to Hannah.

The child’s name
The child’s age
Names of any siblings
What have they done well this year/enjoyed/something that has made them happy?
What are they trying to do better/anything that has not gone well for them?
What would they like for Christmas?
Would you prefer the letter in Makaton?

Please email with your choice of option 1 or 2 above and the required information by no later than Monday 16th November (and please make payment in to the PSDS bank account with Santa and your surname as reference). Details of the Zoom chat will be emailed to you and any letters you have requested will arrive by post.

Thanks Hannah for helping Santa out on this special project - we hope it's not too cold in the North Pole!


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