Bingo Bonanza - 21st November

Join us for our fun family Zoom Bingo night on Saturday 21st November! Starting at 6pm, we are planning to run 4 games of Bingo with points up for grabs for a full line and full house in each game. The family clocking up the highest points total at the end will win a £75 Dining Out gift card (valid for next year!). Plus we have three £25 Waitrose/John Lewis Lucky Number prizes to be won too! In between each Bingo round, our Bingo master will make a Lucky Number draw - if your number comes up you win a £25 Waitrose/John Lewis gift card.

It's just £5 for your family Bingo card, plus you can buy Lucky Numbers for an additional £2 each (payments to be transfered to PSDS bank account by 16th November, please). A few days before the Bingo you will be emailed the Zoom invite, along with your Bingo card and any Lucky Numbers you have purchased.

All funds raised will go towards helping our children and young people reach their full, individual potential. But the focus is also on having some family fun - we'd love as many of our families as possible to join in!

Please contact - BY 16th NOVEMBER - to sign up and receive details of how to make payment if you don't have our bank account details.

Many thanks - here's to a fun Bingo Bonanza! Eyes down and thumbs up...!


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