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Our fundraising income for 2020 has just received a fabulous boost courtesy of the Rokeby Parents' Circle. We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the RPC's charities for the Rokeby School academic year 2019-20. Events organised by the RPC committee, which were widely supported by pupils, parents and staff throughout the school, have raised a wonderful donation of £6,544.51 for PSDS.

RPC committee members, Michele and Liza (pictured below with Arlo and his mummy Sarah), visited Digbies in February to see some of our services in action. They were very impressed and had a lovely time chatting with the parents and children and meeting the Friday Digbies team and volunteers.

Speaking of their support for PSDS, RPC Chair, Michele, commented: "We are all so pleased that we were able to help contribute towards the amazing work of PSDS. It is wonderful to hear news of the support you have continued to provide to so many children and their families."

Two of the RPC's major fundraising events (the school's Summer Fair and the RPC Summer Ball) were unable to take place owing to lockdown measures, but they still managed to raise an incredible amount shared between Rokeby School and their two charity partners, Eikon and PSDS.

We have also received the wonderful news that PSDS will be supported during their 2020-21 academic year too. So we are looking forward to hearing more from our RPC friends in due course.

In the meantime, huge thanks to Rokeby Parents' Circle and the Rokeby School community for all their efforts and their much appreciated support!




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