From Rags To Riches

Covid-19 may have halted plans to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Week at the BSI Group office where PSDS Trustee David works, but his colleague Vanessa was determined that lockdown wouldn't necessarily bring a halt to fundraising.

Vanessa had made some Easter rag wreaths ready to sell in the office as part of their DS Week activities, so she hung a few on her neighbours' doors to cheer them up during lockdown. Vanessa's colourful wreaths soon became a local craze! The wreaths were featured in a "what we did in lockdown" video of the estate where she lives in Aylesbury and also appeared in a local publication too. Thanks to the popularity of Vanessa's wreaths - and the additional publicity around the reason she was making them -  orders have been flocking in over the past 3 months.

Vanessa explains: "I made a Facebook post saying that I was trying to cheer up the estate and the flood gates opened! I worked my way through the requests and the Facebook posts just kept coming - pictures of the wreaths became a bit of a rainbow type symbol on my estate. I started getting requests for rainbow colours, Peppa Pig and all sorts. When I took my daily exercise I delivered them and hung them on peoples' doors. Getting hold of enough material has been an issue, but one lady on the estate donated material from her sewing projects - people have been so supportive and have really got behind it."

Thanks to Vanessa's hard work and support from her local community, the total raised currently stands at an incredible £1,215 - more than double her original £500 target. Amazingly, the final total will double again courtesy of matched funding from the BSI Group.

We are so grateful to Vanessa and also to everyone who has bought one of her a-door-able wreaths! We really appreciate BSI Group's matched funding pledge too.

A brilliant boost to our funds during such a difficult time, for which we are truly thankful. Vanessa's handiwork is definitely a case of turning rags to riches!









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