Community (definitely) Matters

Thank you to our wonderful friends at Waitrose & Partners Horley and their fabulous customers who raised a whopping £740 for PSDS via their Community Matters green token scheme in March.

Not only is this the largest charity donation the branch has raised through the scheme, it is even nore of an achievement as the green tokens were suspended when the nation when in to lockdown, so this isn't even based on a full month of the green tokens being in use!

Last year we had the honour of popping in to the Horley branch to collect a cheque and thank Milly and her colleagues in person. This year of course that's not possible, so we asked Milly (on the left, below) to send us a photo instead and here it is...

Support like this from our local communities is always important to us, but it matters even more given the current uncertain times and so much disruption to fundraising for charities.

So thank you Milly, thank you all the Partners and thank you to everyone who managed to pop a green token in to the PSDS box. We hope to be able to visit the Horley branch soon to thank everyone in person.



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