Magnificent Marathon Man

If the thought of completing the 21km of a half marathon seems an epic challenge, just imagine completing one half marathon every month for the whole of 2020. That's the challenge PSDS supporter Tony Lee has set himself. In fact, his aim is to complete 13 half marathons in total (that's a whopping 274km!) as he started his quest in December 2019 by completing the London Victoria Half Marathon in 2 hours 6 mins and 26 secs.

Last month Tony was joined by his wife for the iconic London Winter Walk, which they completed in 4 and a half hours. Next up is the Grand Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday 23rd February, followed by the Croydon Half on 15th March (which PSDS member Manda is also taking part in).

In between his half marathon escapades, Tony is busy training and working, as well as fundraising for both PSDS and St Catherine's Hospice. So far he has raised just under £400 of his £1,500 target by raffling three hampers at Virgin Atlantic, VHQ and The Base Buildings in Manor Royal, Crawley.

Tony was inspired to support PSDS by a work colleague, Gemma, who is mum to PSDS member Beau (pictured below with his family). 

Gemma and Beau attend our Monday Digbies group, which they are both really enjoying. Gemma told us why PSDS means so much to her family: "Our son Beau was born in September 2017 and we received the unexpected news that Beau had Down syndrome.  Those first few weeks were an unbelievably scary time for myself and my husband not knowing which way to turn for any real comfort or for something other than the seemingly consistent doom and gloom of searching the internet.  This is when we were introduced to PSDS by a friend. From the first meeting when Beau was just a few months old to now with him being just over two, being able to meet families similar to my own has opened up a whole new world to me.  The loneliness of those early days is just a distant memory and I have met some wonderful parents and teachers.  My son absolutely loves going to Digbies on a Monday and is thriving.  We hope to be a part of this amazing charity for many years to come. Thank you PSDS you are wonderful!"

We think Tony is wonderful too. He is putting in such an enormous effort to support PSDS and St Catherine's Hospice during the whole of 2020. He certainly doesn't do things by halves, unless they're a half marathon!

You can show your support for Tony by clicking this link to his fundraising page:


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