Triathlon Triumph

On the hottest day of the year, a swim might seem the perfect way to cool down. But when it's the swim leg of a triathlon, that's a whole different matter!!

Chloe's mum Katharine and friends took part in the Banana Triathlon on 29th June to raise funds for PSDS as part of our 21 Champions Challenge. Here's Katharine's summary of their endeavours...

"Our challenge started when one of our number, a very fit and experienced triathlete, suggested we put together a team or two. We managed to find two teams who gradually came on board and started to get in to training. In my case, I couldn't swim 2 lengths of the front crawl without thinking my heart was going to explode. I don't think I was alone!

So we had to work really really hard to get triathlon fit. Our leader kept us on track, even when she realised she was pregnant and had to pull out of taking part! Thank goodness for her though as she kept us on track and prepped us for the event, as well as supporting us on the day.

The day itself was the hottest day of the year! We were all really scared about the unknown and it was hard. But what a triumphant feeling completing the course and celebrating together with our medals. We might even do it again...

We have been really proud to raise money for PSDS as part of the 21 Champions Challenge. All our friends and families have been so generous. With gift aid we have raised just over £1,600. WOW! What a buzz."

We are so grateful to Katharine and her Cappuccino and Frappuccino team mates for well and truly rising to the challenge and raising such a fantastic sum for PSDS. We wonder if they swapped their coffee cups for a glass of fizz to celebrate their triumphant success?!





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