It's Good To Talk

PSDS member Mike organised a fundraising event at LV's Croydon office to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on 21st March. Mike’s colleagues were invited to wear mismatched socks - a sign that no two people are the same and we are all different to each other, regardless of the number of chromosomes we have.

Mike also put together a display of PSDS materials, including posters and leaflets, and sold wristbands bearing the slogan “see potential, celebrate success”, a message that means a lot to Mike and his family.

As a result of Mike’s efforts and the generosity of his colleagues, he collected a fabulous total of £423.13, but this will be doubled to £846.26 through LV’s matched funding scheme which is even greater news!

“I am really happy to have raised so much money for PSDS and I’m very grateful to LV for matching the amount,” Mike commented, “but my aim was also to raise awareness about Down syndrome to show how much our children can achieve. I had some interesting conversations with my colleagues on World Down Syndrome Day and I appreciate all the support they have shown, not only to me and my family but also to PSDS - a charity I am delighted to raise money for.”

We’re delighted too Mike - creating a dialogue about Down syndrome raises awareness and raises expectations which is just as important as raising funds.

Thank you for all your efforts and to your colleagues for their empathy and generosity.




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