Thanks for the BOOST

The wonderful people at BOOSTfit fitness classes really gave us a BOOST recently. They raised a whopping £825.64 for PSDS through contributions from their classes and a special BOOSTathon in February.

PSDS Chair, Vicky, popped along to the BOOSTathon with her son Sam and gave a short speech about PSDS, after which they couldn't resist joining in with the fitness class!

The BOOSTfit philosophy is "it's all well and good making yourself feel fantastic and improving your own life, but we also believe that anyone can help change the world for the better and a little bit of kindness goes a long way."

A percentage from every class is donated to charity. PSDS was lucky enough to be the chosen charity for February after being nominated by Zach's lovely mum, Elly.

Speaking about her decision to nominate PSDS, Elly said: "When I approached Roberta and Louise from BOOSTfit and told them about PSDS they didn't hesitate. They were keen to find out more about PSDS and all the amazing things the charity provides. I love that they were determined to make a success of the BOOSTathon and the team did an amazing job. It was fun, uplifting and it raised money for our lovely PSDS "family". Sam and Vicky popping in at the start was definitely the icing on the cake!"

We are so grateful to everyone at BOOSTfit for their support and especially to everyone who took part in the BOOSTathon. One of the testimonials on their website says: "BOOSTfit is a big ball of amazing rolled in glitter!"

We couldn't agree more!

(to find out more about BOOSTfit classes visit


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