Mud Glorious Mud

Ever thought about doing a Tough Mudder? Imagine a course stretching 10+ miles filled with mud and extreme obstacles, designed to "test your physical strength, stamina and mental grit". Imagine tackling obstacles such as Everest - a slippery 15' tall quarter pipe climb. Or the Arctic Enema where you slide, climb and get submerged in freezing water featuring 10 tonnes of ice. Imagine the physical exertion of a gruelling 4 hours tackling the course. Imagine the cuts, scrapes and bruises on top of bruises. Then imagine that feeling at the end - exhausted, extremely wet and muddy... and ELATED. That's why we imagine so many people who take on a Tough Mudder decide to do it again!!!

All of the above (not sure about the "wanting to do it again" bit though!!) sums up how PSDS fundraisers Jon, Martin, Ray and Sarah spent their Saturday recently. Collectively, the intrepid Mudders have raised over £3,300 for PSDS - an incredible achievement. We are so grateful to them all for taking on such a gruelling challenge and keeping a smile on their faces (most of the time!) whilst doing it.

So how does it feel to complete a Tough Mudder?

Annie's dad Jon summed it up like this: "It certainly lived up to its name. We managed to complete the 10 mile, 20 obstacle course and survived the final 'electroshock therapy' gauntlet run to get our finishers sweatband, t-shirt and the all important bottle of cider! I don't think I've ever been so cold, wet and muddy - but it was definitely worth it for the amount of money we raised. Thanks to everyone who sponsored us. Who's up for it next year...?!?"

"Everything is sore," said Joe's dad Martin the morning after the Mudder, "It was incredibly tough but great fun. The 'Arctic Enema' will be forever etched in our memory. Thanks for the support everyone!"

Sharing pictures of her bruises, Emily's Auntie Sarah said of her experience, "Well, I completed it...I have a few war wounds and it was tough, but also brilliant fun. I'm so glad I could raise some money for PSDS too."


We're glad as well. Glad you all survived! And so very glad you all actually enjoyed such an awesome experience - whilst raising so much money for PSDS. You're Muddy Marvellous!


 PS - Sarah - don't worry about sending the PSDS t-shirt back....!!!





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