Bravo Billy

2017 has got off to a pretty exciting start for PSDS member Billy and his family. Billy has just made his big screen debut in a film written and directed by Woody Harrelson, who also stars in the film alongside Owen Wilson too. Called "Lost in London", it is the first film to be live streamed directly in to cinemas as it was being filmed. Over 500 cinemas in the USA screened the film live and it was also screened in London at 2am in the morning. The film is loosely based on a terrible night in Woody's life leading to his arrest after a night in London. Billy played the part of the arresting officer's son whose name in the film was also Billy. His screen "dad" is the actor Martin McCann and he and Billy got on like a house on fire.

Billy's proud mum, Lu, tells us more about the film here: "Billy was in the closing scene of the film which started off with him being in a police car with flashing lights crossing Waterloo Bridge. He got out of the car with his on-screen dad and met Woody who was being reunited with his on-screen wife and children. The plan was then for them to get in to a police van and drive off to see Harry Potter - Billy loved saying his lines!"

Lu continues, "It was massively exciting for Billy and me to be part of such an amazing project! I have to say it wasn't without stress, my stress not Billy's! Filming was in the middle of the night, so I was worried whether he'd even be awake, but we did two live rehearsals during the early hours of the Thursday morning. We were picked up at 11pm on the Wednesday and got home at 7am the next morning, where we had breakfast with Derek and Nathan and then Billy and I went to bed!"

Billy had his own trailer for the two nights of filming and when not on set he relaxed watching DVDs and eating snacks and kept warm whilst elsewhere in London the film was in full swing.

Reflecting on the experience, Lu said, "When Billy had his first rehearsal I did think "What have I done?"! That thought carried on until the penultimate night, but now I am so glad we agreed to do it. It was a one-off opportunity not to be missed and Billy LOVED it. Hopefully it's given us a platform to say that people with Down syndrome can do anything they want to, our children are AMAZING!"

A big screen debut in a film breaking new ground? That's not a bad start to any actor's career. Well done, Billy, we can't wait to see you in action!


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